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Zakzouk: Religious Channels Have Turned Muslims into World's Laughing Stock

Endowments Minister Mahmoud Hamdy Zakzouk said the ministry's preachers are not responsible at all for what he called "the fatwa pandemic" that has broken out in so-called religious satellite channels. He said these channels are in truth what most discredits Islam and Muslims given the backward fatwas that they spread across the globe, saying such fatwas turns Muslims into the world's laughing stock.


Lawyer Appeals to Mubarak to Speed Up Constitutional Court's Decision Affecting Fate of 2800 Christian 'Reverts'

The noted human rights lawyer El-Naggar, has sent an urgent Appeal to President Mubarak, to intervene in speeding up a session date for the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) to give its ruling on the constitutionality of Article 47 of the civil affairs law, and consequently decide the fate of previous rulings in favor of Christian reverts in what is known as “re-conversion” case