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Egyptian Human Rights Organization mandated to Report on the Religious Plight of Copts

An important official authority has mandated Dr.Naguib Gibraeel, President of the "Egyptian Union" of Human Rights Organization, to write a report on the religious state of affairs of the Christians in Egypt. It is to include all occurrences against the Copts over the last ten years, as well as the most important laws and decisions taken during that period, whether positive or negative.


Egyptian police 'crucify' and rape Christians

During our research for information regarding the tragedy of El- Kosheh, we found an interesting article written by Christina Lamb. The article was published on Sunday October 25th 1998 on Telegraph.co.uk. Voice of the Copts is posting this article in memory of all those who were killed in Egypt and elsewhere for their faith.


Coptic Martyrs Blood Still Crying Out For Justice Nine Years Later (6) – Inside the Massacre

Although, the killing of twenty one Copts could not be considered mass murder by any measure, as this number of people could be easily die in any road traffic accident anywhere. However, “El-Kosheh’s” massacre, or slaughter, as some wish to call it, had different reasons to an overturned bus or a train accident. Such aspects and motivations were reflected upon in the last five reports published in the last weeks.