La Casa Futura Updates

La Casa Futura

A Coptic refugee program in Italy

Boatloads of Copts have fled Egypt crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Italy. Risking everything, young Copts have escaped for a better future outside of Islam. They are grateful for temporary housing in tent cities. But what happens next for those who can never go back to their homeland?

Voice of the Copts provides an answer to this serious problem. Our La Casa Futura project in Lazio Province outside of Rome, Italy is to provide housing and assistance for Coptic refugees to assimilate into a new country.  We offer help with visas, language, cultural understanding, and job internships. Our facility houses up to 100 students for a two-year program preparing for independence.

The La Casa Futura building was donated to Voice of the Copts and awaits inspection and updates. Italy’s Interior Ministry supports the mission with a promise of future operational funds.


La Casa Futura is a VOTC project currently under development. This  is a vital program and will be a major assistance for those who are now homeless having fled from discrimination and violence in their homeland of Egypt.

La Casa Futura (House for the Future) is a VOTC initiative to help religious refugees fleeing from
Egypt to find a new home and renewed hope for their lives.

In the Fall of 2014, a standing committee (in formation) was created for developing a curriculum, recruiting staff, and creating a model for operations that coincides with the projects’ goals.

Future updates added to this report will include progress in these efforts.


To establish in part the first funding needed to take possession of the donated building and begin architectural modifications,  Voice of the Copts has joined with Mobile Cause to raise funds through various campaigns throughout the Fall of 2017 and year 2018.

We will utilize peer-to-peer crowdfunding, Giving Tuesday, and a 2017 year-end annual appeal specified for La Casa Futura.