Sinai Terrorism

Abbas and Sisi, the starling and the raven

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Abbas sees Sisi as a kindred spirit, but that does not mean that Sisi will fulfill his requests. By Dr. Mordechai Kedar -Arutz Sheva Rabbi Eliezer is quoted in the Talmudic Tractate Bava Kama (82:b) as saying: "It is not surprising that the starling chose to visit the raven, because they are of the same species,"

Egypt’s ISIS affiliate kills police driver in the Sinai

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Egyptian security officials on Thursday said a police driver kidnapped this week has been publicly shot dead in Sinai by suspected jihadists from the local Islamic State (ISIS) affiliate.   The officials, quoted by The Associated Press, said three terrorists and the policeman arrived Thursday at el-Arish's residential al-Masaeed district in a green pickup truck.

Sisi: Security Measures Near Gaza Not Harming Palestinians

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on Saturday said the security measures taken by his country along the border with Gaza were not aimed at "harming" Palestinians, AFP reports.   "The measures taken by Egypt to secure its eastern borders are in full coordination with the Palestinian Authority and cannot have the aim of harming our

Egypt Kills 63 Jihadists in the Sinai

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Egypt's military on Sunday launched airstrikes and ground operations that killed 63 Islamists in North Sinai, security sources said, according to the Reuters news agency.   The Sinai has recently witnessed some of the heaviest fighting between security forces and Islamists since the army ousted President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013.  

Sisi: We Foiled an ISIS Attempt to Set Up State in Sinai

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Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi on Saturday said that Egypt had foiled an attempt by the Islamic State (ISIS) group to seize territory and set up an extremist state in the Sinai, reports The Associated Press (AP).   Speaking to members of the army in a televised speech which marked his first public remarks since Wednesday’s

Egypt Passes Anti-Terror Law Hours after Sinai Attack

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Egypt's government on Wednesday night adopted a controversial anti-terror law and requested a faster court appeals process, AFP reports.   President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who vowed to adopt tougher measures following the killing of state prosecutor Hisham Barakat on Monday, is expected to swiftly ratify the law, the report said.   Wednesday's draft law will

Egypt Kills 22 Suspected Terrorists in the Sinai

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Egyptian security forces on Monday killed 22 suspected terrorists who were planning to target security forces in the restive North Sinai province, security sources said, according to Reuters.   The sources said security forces struck a group of people meeting outside a mosque south of the town of Sheikh Zuwayed who were planning an attack

Sinai Terrorists Claim Rocket Attack on UN Airport

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Sinai Province, Islamic State's Egypt affiliate, fired rockets at the direction of an airport in Sinai used by UN peacekeeping forces on Tuesday night, Reuters reported.   Security sources told the news agency there were no casualties in the attack. Details of the attack were not immediately clear, with some sources saying the rockets fell