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Egypt Overtaking Saudis As Most Conservative

By | 2014-01-17T14:33:43+00:00 January 17th, 2014|Islam|

A recent survey of 7 Muslim-majority Middle Eastern countries has revealed conflicting viewpoints in Saudi Arabia, a country that doesn't let women drive and is often considered one of the most repressive nations in terms of women's rights.   While nearly 2 out of 3 in Saudi Arabia think women should cover all but their

Muslim Brotherhood “Rabaa” channel launches in Turkey

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A Muslim Brotherhood-backed new channel called “Rabaa” launched on Friday from Turkey, promising to be a “platform for freedom” focused on the Muslim world’s affairs, according to Egyptian daily al-Ahram.   The channel is named after the Rabaa al-Adawiya square in Cairo, where as many as 2,000 supporters of former Islamist President Mohammad Mursi were

Britain Bars US Anti-Islam Activists from Entering Country

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  Great Britain has barred a pair of American anti-Islam activists from entering the country, labeling them “extremists” whose “presence here is not conducive to the public good,” The Hill reported.   Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, co-founders of the organization Stop Islamization of America, had been invited to speak at a rally of the

Gunmen Attack Church in Libya’s Benghazi

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Gunmen have attacked an Egyptian Coptic church in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi, assaulting two priests, the Libyan foreign ministry said Sunday, days after dozens of Egyptian Christians suspected of proselytizing were arrested.   The Libyan foreign ministry said it "strongly condemned Thursday's attack on the Egyptian church... and the aggression towards Father Paula Isaac

Largest Anti-Muslim Ad Campaign Hits NY Subway System

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The group behind last year’s controversial anti-Jihadist advertisements that appeared throughout the New York subway system is planning what is expected to be its largest campaign to date.   The American Freedom Defense Initiative purchased space next to 228 clocks in 39 New York subway stations for ads with an image of the burning World

Tunisian Imam Accused of Inciting Hatred Against Jews

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A Tunisian support group for minorities said Wednesday that it has lodged a complaint against an imam, accusing him of inciting hatred against Jews in a fiery television sermon.   "We have lodged a complaint with the court of the first instance in Ben Arous against the imam of Rades mosque, Sheikh Ahmed S'hili, for

Muslim world must retaliate against Israel for Gaza

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Islamic countries must close ranks and respond to Israel’s deadly attacks on the Gaza Strip, Iran’s Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Saturday.   “Putting an end to the Zionist (Israeli) regime’s crimes is only possible through a united, revolutionary retaliation by the Muslim world,” Vahidi said in remarks carried by the official IRNA news

Saudi Woman Sues Ministry Over Driving Ban

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A Saudi women’s rights activist said on Monday she has filed a lawsuit against the interior ministry over a decree banning women from obtaining driving licenses in the ultra-conservative kingdom, AFP reported.   Nassima al-Sadah is the third woman to file such a lawsuit this year over the rule, which enforces a traditional ban on

Obama Twitter Impersonator Captures Attention of Muslim World

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Marking President Barack Obama’s re-election victory, an Arab parody Twitter account tweeted that the president will be slaughtering a sheep as ‘sacrifice’ in celebration of his recent triumph, Al-Arabiya News reported.   The Twitter presidential impersonator, who has requested to remain anonymous, announced, upon first hearing the election results, "All Sheikhs from U.S. States and

Egypt’s Mursi Hopes Obama Victory Will Boost ‘Friendship’

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Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Wednesday congratulated President Barack Obama on his re-election victory and said he hoped it would strengthen the “friendship” between their two countries.   Mursi hoped for a “strengthening of the friendship between the two countries to serve their common interests, namely justice, freedom and peace,” in a telegram of congratulations