Khaled Mashaal

Mashaal calls for diplomatic war alongside intifada

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Hamas politburo leader Khaled Mashaal has called to establish a "Palestinian leadership united on the ground," so as to manage the current terror wave and use it to achieve an end of "the occupation and the Israeli settlement."   In a press conference with journalists from Gaza, Mashaal said the true goals of the current

Hamas Calls United States ‘Rude and Racist’

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The United States last week expressed its dissatisfaction over Turkey’s contacts with Hamas, and the terror group took exception.   State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in her daily press briefing on Thursday that Washington's position on Hamas has not changed and classified the group as a "designated foreign terrorist organization that continues to engage

Mashaal: Disarmament Isn’t Open for Negotiations

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Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Sunday asserted that the group’s weapons are for use only against Israel, Bloomberg reported.   Speaking at a conference in Doha, Qatar, Mashaal ruled out Israeli demands for disarmament in Gaza.   “The subject of the resistance’s weapons isn’t open for negotiations,” Mashaal said, adding, “Those weapons are for fighting

Why Qatar is Abandoning the Muslim Brotherhood – And Hamas

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Hamas this morning denied claims that its Political Bureau chief, Khaled Mashaal, was being expelled from longtime ally Qatar. The initial report came just days after seven leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were expelled from the country, having sought refuge from an Egyptian government crackdown.   That move naturally lead to speculation that Qatar might

Abbas Slams Mashaal for ‘Smuggling Weapons Not Against Israel’

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A new report has exposed the details of a heated meeting held between Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Qatar-based Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal on August 21 in Doha, in which Mashaal apparently submitted to a ceasefire with Israel.   The report was published Monday by the Lebanese Al Akbar news site, as

Senior Fatah Source: Qatar Pushed Hamas Back to War

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A senior member of Palestnian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction said Wednesday Hamas's choice to forego the Egyptian truce proposal and return to its rocket war on Israel was due to Qatari pressure.   The Fatah source, quoted in the Arabic Al-Hayat as cited by Yedioth Aharonoth, said that during the Cairo truce

Hamas Inches Closer to Cease-Fire with Egypt Invitation

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Hamas has received an "invitation" for cease-fire talks in Cairo on Sunday, the terror group announced, and would consider participating in the Egypt-brokered initiative - under certain conditions.    Hamas "received an invitation, through mediators, for a delegation headed by (chief-in-exile) Khaled Meshaal to visit Cairo and discuss the Egyptian initiative," it said in a

Iranian Leader Encourages Hamas in ‘Struggle Against Occupation’

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Hamas continues to receive military and political support from Iran, it was revealed Friday.   Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal spoke to Iranian Parliament chairman Ali Larijani Thursday night, shortly after the Israeli government announced it would launch a ground offensive into Gaza.   Mashaal reportedly said that Hamas could deal with every possible scenario, boasting