Egyptian regime: Closes many churches, Builds one cathedral

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By: Dr.Ashraf Ramelah Founder and President of Voice of theCopts This Christmas Eve, January 6, Coptic Christians celebrated mass during the grand opening of the brand-new state-built Nativity of Christ Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in the state’s new administration district of Cairo. Those in attendance rejoiced the occasion while many rural villagers had no local church to

Al-Sisi’s old guard appointee maintains anti-Copts solutions to jihad

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Al Minya’s governor How could Governor Al-Badawi not see that the mosque inflated its numbers with jihadists in order to pose a threat and strike the church across the road? By Dr. Ashraf Ramelah - Voice of the Copts General Essam Al-Badawi was installed as Al Minya’s governor (in Upper Egypt) in September

PM Netanyahu, Herzog held secret meeting with Egyptian president

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Left-wing newspaper claims Netanyahu, Herzog, met with al-Sisi in April 2016 By Shlomo Pyutrikovsky – Arutz Sheva Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog (Zionist Union) secretly met Egyptian President Abd El-Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil Al-Sisi in April 2016, reports claim. The meeting, which Israel's left-wing Haaretz newspaper wrote about on Monday morning, was

Resisting blasphemy laws in Egypt: Islam against Islam

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Egypt’s deep state is a bureaucratic theocracy. This network forms the infrastructure of the official government. It is accountable to the doctrines put forth by the powerful Islamic clerics of Al-Ahzar Institute. The religion of Islam, when merged with the state, can better exert Allah’s powerful hold over the individual. Only then can it fulfill

Will the Sharia save Morsi?

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Just three weeks ago the Egyptian court sentenced Egypt’s former Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi, to the death penalty after evidence presented from Egyptian intelligence documents proved him guilty of spying for Qatar, Iran and Turkey.     There are more than one hundred names on the list with him who are all convicted of

Copts beheaded in Libya, Copt burned alive in Egypt

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Once again, tragedy strikes the Coptic community with the brutal murders of twenty-one Christian Copts in Libya. Living under constant threat of a hate-driven and blood-thirsty Islam, Copts of Egypt have learned to expect anything at any time, and mourners go about the streets. A few days ago a young Coptic man was burned alive

What al-Sisi Didn’t say at Al-Azhar University

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Once Islam led the world in intellectual and cultural activity, as well as economic and military power. Then it closed its doors.   In an extraordinary speech (translated on Raymond Ibrahim’s blog and virtually unnoticed by the world media) delivered on New Year’s Day by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to the religious imams of

A blow to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as Israel crushes Hamas

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A few weeks ago shocking news arrived from Israel regarding the kidnapping of three young men. As news first circulated around the world, Israelis braced for the worst and prayed prayers for the safe delivery of the Israeli captives. How would this menacing action unfold for the victims and the country? Finally, we learned of

Egypt’s Al-Sisi struggles for democracy: Fights terrorism

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Some would say Egypt now leads the world in the war against terror, and Egyptians are relieved to see punishment for Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood backers. Concerned with Egypt’s “overall stability” during his June visit to Cairo, John Kerry cautioned President Al-Sisi about the recent death sentences for MB members (, June 22), emphasizing tactical errors