Articles published by Dr. Ashraf Ramelah

Articles published by Dr. Ashraf Ramelah

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Articles written by Dr. Ashraf Ramelah:

Bedouin law bows to Coptic courage

– Vatican ecumenism forsakes Egypt’s Christian minorities

– Resisting blasphemy laws in Egypt: Islam against Islam

– Egyptian Air Force jets enter Gaza airspace in bombing raids Islam

– Egypt’s Al-Azhar Institute: The key to ending terror or the reason for it?

– Jews cope with Egypt’s hysteria and revision of Jewish-Egyptian history

– Egypt’s Al-Sisi struggles for democracy: Fights terrorism

– Egypt’s courageous new president: Promise for a modern Egypt

– The Pope, the Field Marshall, and the EU “earthquake”: Standing or succumbing to Islamist       pressures?

– Egyptian hero Al Sisi: A game-changer or mirage?

– Holocaust message exploited for Palestinian cause

– Western media distorts Egypt’s constitutional approval

– Egypt’s trial: true justice will reveal Morsi’s alliances

– Egypt’s Challenge: Writing a New Constitution

– Egypt: Preacher for martyrdom caught hiding under woman’s niqab

– US Cannot Keep Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in Power

– An open letter to High Representative Catherine Ashton

– In support of Al Sisi’s request for a rally against terrorism Friday, June 26th

– Morsi constitution modification will sabotage pro-democracy efforts

– Voice of the Copts’ plea for justice in Egypt

 Appeal to the international community to avoid bloodshed in Egypt

– Egypt’s Morsi gone, military brings hope not coup 

– Morsi’s speech to Egyptians from heart of an Islamist: All lies, insults and threats

– Egyptians strive to end Morsi era: Muslim Brotherhood frantic to save the Caliph

– We are all Tamarud (Rebels)

– Morsi’s one-year anniversary: Can Egyptians turn back the clock?

– Muslims attack Coptic Cathedral in Cairo

– Media labels Arab Spring pro-democracy as Muslim Brotherhood fulfills jihadist vision

– Morsi and Salafists Desecrating Egypt’s Art and History

– 100 Copts Arrested In Libya

– Voice of the Copts: Request Holy See Investigation

– Egypt’s sinister proposal: A call for Jews to return

– Egypt’s only hope: Freedom Fighters

– Today’s Widespread Christian Persecution: One Example

– Egyptians:BOYCOTT Egypt’s December 15 Constitution Referendum

– Egypt’s Morsi is laying the bricks for an Islamic democracy

– Living in fear: Coptic Christians in Egypt

– Egyptian President Morsi Shows His Colors

– Democratic Reform in Egypt? Not with Morsi in Charge

– Egypt: August 24-25 Uprising against Muslim Brotherhood: Will this be the start Civil War?

– Democratic Reform in Egypt? Not with Morsi in Charge

– Copts Forced to Flee their Town 

– Islamic or Islamist: Will the difference really matter?

– In Memory of Myriam

– Faith Under Fire: Ashraf Ramelah

– Conference Examined Persecution of Christians in Iraq and Egypt

– Egyptian Military Planning to destroy Egypt

 Persecution of the Copt community in Egypt – Testimony of Dr. Ashraf Ramelah

– Part one of the Egyptian three-phase Parliamentary elections: A sham

– Islam Will Protect America

– Egypt’s Election: A Victim of Power Struggle

– House of Commons, Canada

– An Appeal for Immediate Intervention from the International Community to Protect Egyptian Copts

– Voice of the Copts Strongly Condemns the Barbaric Attack on Egyptian Copts

– Dog’s Name Offends Islamic Watch Dogs

– Ramadan and Plan of Islamization

– Islam’s War Against the Copts

– The Truth about Islam and Book-Burning

– The Decline of Egypt

– Statement By Ashraf Ramelah President, Voice of the Copts

– Voice of the Copts urges Al-Azhar leader to publicly denounce Muslim violence against Christians

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– Egypt’s “cold war” with the U.S

– West rejects justice in Egypt
 Ashraf Ramelah’s Letter to Churches for Voice of the Copts
– Child kidnappings on the rise in Egypt
– Egyptian: Goal of Arab Spring to Wipe Out Christians
– Ashraf Ramelah’s Report for Voice of the Copts 02/05/2014
 Ashraf Ramelah’s Report for Voice of the Copts 12/31/13



Regarding Public demonstration of Copts on January 9, 2011 in Milan, Italy