The personal stories of Egyptian refugees – Series No.9 of 22

The personal stories of Egyptian refugees – Series No.9 of 22

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The following narratives introduce individuals who are detained in refugee camps. They are in desperate need of the La Casa Futura project currently underway by Voice of the Copts. Egyptian youths have been uprooted and displaced for various reasons all related to religious persecution. Names have been changed to protect identities. Narratives are based on true accounts of actual events.

The note left by the killer

Negib will always live with the memory of one tragic day.

He was walking with other pedestrians down a sidewalk in Cairo and witnessed a murder a few meters away. A terrorist attacked a priest who was about to enter a store. As if from nowhere, the jihadist raced toward the priest and struck him from behind with his sword, knocking him to the ground. He thrust his blade into the priest’s stomach and stabbed him again in the neck — all the while praising his God.

Like the other witnesses, Negib was unable to react soon enough to stop the attack. He relives the horror of this moment in regret. However, he was among the few brave souls who chased down and captured the killer a few meters from the crime scene.

Negib blames his country and its policies for creating and allowing terrorists to roam the streets committing crimes against the minority. Negib’s solution was to flee his homeland.  He refused to waste away his life living in fear and hopelessness.

He now resides in a temporary refugee camp. He does not regret this. He has never looked back.  He chooses to create a future in Western civilization. He is glad he left Egypt.

Negib is a religious refugee without a home. He’d rather live in this status than remain in a system that unapologetically blames and targets minorities by means of brute force and misuse of the courts.  Clearly, his group is at risk. Growing up, Negib sensed danger all around him as a normal way of life. Violence is used to restrict religion and speech.

Negib dreams of a family someday and wants his children to be free of physical danger and human rights violations. It will take our help for him to reach this goal. Why should peace and civility be too lofty a goal or too difficult to achieve in the 21st century?  Accomplishing his dreams will actually make the world a better place for all of us.

Donate to the La Casa Futura project and help us help Negib. The program to aid Negib and others like him is under development and will finally establish with your help.

Donate today so that you will be a part of this exciting opportunity to positively affect the lives of Egyptian youths. They seek a better future with your help!


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 La Casa Futura project currently consists of one dormitory building providing help for up to 100 youths per session. Each session provides language learning, job direction, and cultural understanding. LCF is in its initial stage of development as we seek financial backers and matching funds for individual donations.