The personal stories of Egyptian refugees – Series #1- 22

The personal stories of Egyptian refugees – Series #1- 22

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The personal stories of Egyptian refugees – Series #1- 22

Ayman came from the village of Abu Kourkas in Al Minya Province, Egypt. His village is among many Coptic neighborhoods under attack by terrorist invaders from inside and outside the town. Since childhood, Ayman has lived in fear for his life and for the lives of his parents and siblings.

Jihadists attacked his village and his home. Gangs threw Molotov cocktails to set buildings ablaze and swung steel bars to smash in homes. His neighbors were pulled out and dragged down the street.

Despite the dangers, Ayman’s family chose to remain in their home praying for safety but were finally forced to “migrate” from the village and hand over their generational homestead (personal property, house and farmland) to the violent invaders as an outcome of an Islamic arbitration panel.

Ayman’s family selected him for the journey to freedom. Only one family member could brave the unknown with hope to build a life outside of the system of Islamic terror.

Now, for the first time since his landing in the West, Ayman is really hopeful!

He has heard about a special program called La Casa Futura to house and prepare young Coptic refugees for a better life. He can be taught the language and given job training in order to move forward and embrace a new culture…but only if the La Casa Futura project becomes a reality.

Please help us rescue Ayman from the camp and prepare him to move forward. Click the donate button now and become a part of our work to help Ayman and others like him.

Any amount will be of help — $5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or more. Thank you! 

La Casa Futura project currently consists of one dormitory building providing help for up to 100 youths per session. Each session will provide language learning, job direction, and cultural understanding. LCF is in its initial stage of development as we seek financial backers and matching funds for individual donations.