Praise Report: Thai Government Agrees to Protect Children

Praise Report: Thai Government Agrees to Protect Children

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Dear Asharf Ramelah, We are so pleased to report that the Father has answered our prayers! We received word that the Thai government has assured our representatives that the children from our orphanage will not be forced to return to Burma and that the Thai army will stand to protect them against any attack from the Burmese army across the border.

Although the Thai Border Police were still threatening to return the children at the beginning of the week, the situation miraculously turned around when a UN official, Thai provincial official, and Thai military commander arrived to meet with our representatives and order the border police to provide the children with safety and protection. The UN official said that the US Ambassador to Thailand had informed the UN about the situation – so thank you to everyone who called the embassy!

Although our children are safe, please do continue to pray for the Karen who are still trapped in Burma. We have heard reports that the Burmese army recently captured 40 young boys (ages 12-14) from villages in the area. They have become porters for the army and there is a good chance that they may be used as mine sweepers in the army’s attempt to stamp out all remaining resistance from the Karen people in Burma.

Thank you once again for your prayers and your action on behalf of the persecuted.