Egyptian regime isolated the country

Egyptian regime isolated the country

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EGYPT has gone silent.

There is an incredible threat posed by regime thugs. People could wake up to a massacre. Voice of the Copts urges free world leaders and citizens to take immediate action to stop a planned massacre by Mubarak’s regime.

The Egyptian government has cut off internet and short messaging services in efforts to isolate the people that make us believe a plan of massive violence in enormous proportions will take place during tomorrow’s protests, on Friday January 28.

Voice of the Copts is asking your help in condemning such cowardly action of the Egyptian regime.

We are demanding the immediate restoration of any communication service cut off by Mubarak’s regime. Furthermore, we request that all western political leaders closely monitor the Egyptian situation and make all needed efforts to avoid regime aggression against those who are asking to live freely after thirty years of Nazi system.

Any political leader whom ignores supporting Egyptian citizens in their demand of freedom, liberty and dignity will be complicit in crimes against humanity.

Failing to condemn the actions of the government and to pressure them to return internet and phone service is not a matter of supporting U.S national security, but is a matter of being a potential accomplice to crimes against humanity.