USA – Europe Stop Aid to Egypt and the Arabs!

USA – Europe Stop Aid to Egypt and the Arabs!

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This call may sound daring and provocative, but it is time to face facts and stop the use of the new expression of 'Political Correctness'.

In today’s economic recession, when budgets are under increased scrutiny, our political leaders are requested to take a hard look at the billions spent in foreign aid.

It is nowadays increasingly dawning on people that their politicians are not making sound judgments when it comes to distributing freely tax-payers money on regimes who are not owning up to their commitments.

Among those countries come Egypt and the other aid-recipient Arab countries.

Specific knowledge of the culture, philosophy and the religion of the Arabs are necessary to understand the Arab mentality.

Arabs in general believe that Westerners are naive and Arabs are smarter.

It’s not only a social way of thinking, but a part of their belief. They have been taught that Arabs are the best people, Islam is the best religion and they are superior to all other people (Islamic teaching).

Therefore what they strive to achieve for themselves, deny it to others.

The lack of gratitude we see today from Arab recipients of aid is likely because they view it as an appeasement tax, which will be paid by the giver whatever they do, while the West believe it to be a tax to ‘win minds and hearts’ in their fight against terror.

A couple of examples may lead to a better understanding of the Arab mentality’s double standards dealings and why it is necessary to Stop Arab Aid.

The freedom of Kuwait was achieved thanks to the American army along with the Europeans, but with very little support from Arab or Islamic states.

On the other hand, Arabs and Muslims in general hasten to support terrorist wherever they are. In fact, terrorist or groups working to destabilizes western or moderate governments are usually supported by Arab and Muslim countries.

A recent UK study carried out by the British think tank Policy Exchange found that nearly £90 million of taxpayers’ money was being spent on funding a new generation of radicals, sometimes with the very funds that are supposed to be for countering radicalization." The study concluded that Britain should not be funding groups hostile to ‘Our Way of Life’.

Arab and Muslims countries cheered when the International Criminal Court indicted the Bosnian Serb leaders on war crimes charges. Now that the Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir was indicted for war crimes, the Arab league and the 57 member States of the Organization of Islamic Conference are all condemning this decision!!!

The epicenter of hatred against westerners, and other religions other than Islam is located in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, among the rest of the Arab and Islamic states.

Aid to Egypt is meant to help in fighting terrorism, democratization and respect for human rights. Yet there is growing evidence that it is not.

Instead Western aid is funneled to finance Western hatred, to further the Islamization of educational institutions, making them a breeding place for terrorists; aid used to harm countries who in good faith presented this aid. The ringleader and four of the 9/11 hijackers were Egyptian.

Two of the so-called smart Arab leaders pretend to be different to the naive West. Mubarak poses as a democrat, while the Saudi King, whose dubious funding of fundamentalism in Egypt and everywhere else around the world is no secret, is putting up an act of interfaith conferences everywhere.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt were among the countries sponsoring a recent a U.N. resolution on "combating defamation of religion", which is in fact to stop any criticism of Islam!!! Yes, this resolution is to suit the Arab mentality which accepts no opposition or criticism.

In fact defamation of any other faith is allowed and could be seen daily on Arab media, while no one around the world is allowed to utter a word regarding the Arab Islamic faith?????

What happened to the citizens rights to freedom of expressions and belief?

Will they deprive the whole world of that right because it does not suit them???

Presently a ‘Facebook’ group started a campaign against Coptic businesses in Egypt, by urging Egyptian Muslims to boycott businesses owned by Copts.

Something similar happened some time ago in one of France’s supermarkets when the Arab residents invaded that supermarket taking out of the shelves all produce imported from Israel as a sign of boycott. The French police never intervened following the adoption of the new appeasement policy that Arabs may do what they want, but not the French citizens. I wonder if the French (I mean the real one) went inside the same store and destroyed Italian wine, what would have happened to them from the law enforcement and the media????

This Muslim Facebook group is not only asking for the boycott of Coptic stores, products and services, but it also instigates against the life and property of the Copts!!!

Freedom of speech and religion is one of our main goals. If the Muslims living in Egypt, who are funded by fundamentalists, start a campaign against Coptic businesses, they are free to do so, but we are against their hate campaign! We are against that Copts are treated as third class citizens or as strangers in their own Homeland.

If the Egyptian government is keen on protecting all its citizens, and to prevent dire consequences, nothing could be easier for the State Security than to clamp down on this dangerous HATE CAMPAIGN, as Egypt holds a record in catching bloggers and sending them to no man’s land!!!

We cannot ask the West to boycott Arabs products, as they simply have none. We cannot ask them to stop buying their oil, but stopping AID …yes.

What about democracy and human rights? It is fine to beg for aid, but no to criticism!!!

There was huge uproar from the Egyptian Regime when the European Union passed a resolution in January 2008, criticizing Egypt’s human rights record, specially the status of religious minorities mainly the Christian Copts.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, ahead of the EU vote, summoned the 27 EU ambassadors in Cairo to protest the text. "Egypt totally rejects attempts by anyone who takes it upon himself to be an investigator of human rights in Egypt," he said. "Egypt does not need lessons from anyone, particularly if this party is arrogant and ignorant," he added.

President Hosni Mubarak reiterated time and time again that the government would resist US attempts to link aid with alleged human rights abuses, adding that Egypt refuses "any interference in our affairs."

Stopping aid, or making aid conditional on reform, is not novel ideas.

There have been efforts in the past to use aid to Egypt as leverage for change.

WE do not want to deprive the Egyptian people who need help, but it is time to have rules and regulations in presenting this aid. The donor West have to control and supervise that, this aid goes to the right people, since there is growing evidence that it does not.

Aid that is meant to improve the standard of living of the people should go there and not directed to hidden government agendas.

Aid that is meant to go to the process of democratization, and respect for human rights and should be directed there, and not towards financing a special elite force of State Security to intimidate freedoms and human rights, and keep despot rulers in power.

Let the West show them that the rules of the game have changed.

Stop the Aid! Until they play fair game!!!