Copt Historian Deprived of University Post due to Surname “Israel”

Copt Historian Deprived of University Post due to Surname “Israel”

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The Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization EUHRO condemned the injustice and religious discrimination against Dr.Maged Ezzat Israel by the Egyptian universities.

Dr.Naguib Gabriel, lawyer and President of EUHRO, said that his human rights organization fully supports and declares its solidarity with Dr.

Maged Israel, as his case is a human rights issue of first order.

He pointed out that it was unreasonable to deprive a person of being appointed in the Egyptian state universities because he is a Christian, and his Grandfather’s name happens to be Israel! Stressing that the name Israel is means Jacob.

Dr. Magid Israel had been subjected to discrimination by the Egyptian universities’ committees on the basis of religion.

He was excluded from appointment at the Egyptian universities for being a Christian with the surname of Israel, in spite of having fulfilled exactly all the conditions required by these universities’ posts as advertised in the official State newspapers.

Israel has two Bachelor and two Master degrees with an excellent grade.

He holds a Ph.D. degree from the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, in ‘The Philosophy of Modern and Contemporary History’, with the top ‘highest honors’. His PhD thesis got a recommendation for its publication at the expense of the university, and to be shared with foreign universities.

He also holds two awards from the Egyptian universities, is a Member of the Documentation and History Committee of the Cultural Authority and is in charge of the Asyrian Monastery Archives. He owns a collection of more than 1500 rare manuscripts from the city of Alexandria.

However, Dr. Israel, works presently as a high school teacher!!