Dormant conscience

Dormant conscience

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Days and the people standing insistence of various religion and sects and political groups and rich and poor, it happened behind the rarely comes along only every four years, is the next match with Algeria to select the team were promoted to World Cup

Association of the Egyptian people stand behind one goal behind the hope and one behind the one way all one hand and one heart and prayers to God both by his religion to win this game and go up to the World Cup, perhaps today is like exactly yesterday on October 6 in D-Day endowed nation of Egypt en masse united towards a single goal, the liberation of the homeland has been a dream .

Where this people who are rooted in more than seven thousand years where the people of the demon of extremism and terrorism, which was settled by the people, it will not only days, hear and see that the episode reveal a strange hatred and malice towards the Christian Coptic citizen without any fault of only to find a place it deserves for the establishment of by his prayers, we find shovels demolition begins, and no one can stop it like a ghost is not visible.

Fmaol demolition has only one road which is all for the Copts d harm while churches and houses of services and forced Islamization of minors and intransigent Almtnasron with returnees and other many, many do not find only promises no more than promises to end with the event.

However, there is a law that deals with all people on an equal footing, the law is designed to be applied without any kind of distinction between people, without distinction, we see just the opposite is happening now and is only a realistic account of trying to cover up the truth and ignored and blacked out in various ways.
For the sake of what is happening Derot, for the sake of what is happening in Minya, for the sake of what is happening Menoufia, for the sake of what is happening in Beni Suef, for the sake of what happens to the Christianized, and unjustified intransigence towards giving them the benefit of their new identity, for the sake of what is happening returnees, for the sake of preventing citizens Coptic Christians in their worship without fear that there will be for the benefit of the government stands idly by without any intervention of a positive and frank to solve all these problems, where the role of institutions, which occurs where the role of intellectuals in the state? There is no sin on the role of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council, which focuses on securing their government and not secure the nation.
When the beneficiary of the outbreak of sedition? Sit down and cry for what he can do to avoid sedition, few of wisdom and reason and a lot of work affirm sedition in the bud and not by force, but education and reason and wisdom.

Where is your conscience come when all the media, hypocritical and audio to follow the trial of Ms. Marwa El-Sherbini is Ugly to newspapers and space for the case while the dead and wounded are being killed and injured your country without even a mention of what happens. Where is your conscience when it destroys a church or a house of houses services of the Church of what? Where is your conscience when he kills people for being a Christian? Where is your conscience when it was destroyed and looted shops and Christians as regarding how long the funds will remain consciences do not look only in one direction only.

Wake up you owners of these pronouns, work to spread the love, peace and the rejection of extremism and hatred, God’s love.

Where is your conscience?