Coptic Cause Loses Two Great Writers and Activists…Father Youta and Mr. Hanz, please do not gave up!!!

Coptic Cause Loses Two Great Writers and Activists…Father Youta and Mr. Hanz, please do not gave up!!!

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A few days ago Father Youta announced that he will retire from writing due to a controversy with a certain website which used to publish his articles. Now the popular Mr. Hanz Hanna has decided to stop writing too in solidarity with Father Youta. Both decisions were based on the behavior of that website. Unfortunately we lost the efforts of two great Coptic writers, and no doubt the website lost its reputation of non-bias to say the least!!!!

It is not my style to attack another Coptic organization or blame someone for his actions, if they are actively helping the Coptic Cause, and not actively impeding it. Overall, I believe that if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand, putting the Holy Words plainly.

To me, any dispute has to be resolved ‘in house’ without publicity.

The incidents which happened between our two great writers and that website only reflects its antique third world Arab mentality, which is in opposition to the progressive new western way of free thinking.

When one points a finger of blame towards another for not comprehending the true meaning of democracy, but at the same publishing an article and commenting on it in a negative way, all this makes one wonder, why publish it in the first place? Could it not have been much better to discuss the issue behind close doors, unless there are certain recommendations which have to be followed to achieve a certain goal???

Dirty games are played every day inside political parties and parliament, but nevertheless it is part of the game, but here we are fighting for oppressed people without earning a single penny; I could easily say suppressed rather than famous.

I could have had an understanding for the behaviour of rivalry if those Coptic organizations in diaspora were located inside Egypt and are fighting to gain power or for a parliamentary position. When I look around I find that each one is a volunteer, spending his own money and sacrificing his own time for his oppressed brothers, I wonder; what is the reason for this fighting, cursing and pulling down of each others efforts.

Could it be an inferiority complex, coming from the majority having previously lived oppressed and gagged in their homeland, and are now enjoying freedom and each one is trying to assume the role of the ‘Prima Donna’???

To me, the touchstone of a genuine Coptic activist, the one who is without interest in being a leader, is he who take a few steps back, and reflect honestly and humbly upon his own actions, in connection with serving the noble Coptic Cause. It is he who tries to find his own mistakes and forget about those of others. Should a weak point in another activist becomes apparent, to try and help him without embarrassment.

For a start, we need to take our Lord as our example and follow His footprints. We are not preaching Christianity, but in our fight for the just Coptic Cause, we need to show that we are the sons of the Powerful but Meek God, the sons of the Strong but Merciful God.

Coptic activists, grow up! Let us fight for the just issues of our Copts and our Egyptian homeland. Let us fight for the freedom of religion, for Martha, Maher, Hegazy and the other thousands, who are hiding their faith in Egypt. Let us fight for those who do not have a place to worship their God. Let us fight for the parents of teenage daughters who are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islam, those parents who are intimidated and get no help from the police to find them, just because they are Copts. Let us fight for those who are unjustly detained by the State Security authorities without charge. Let us fight for the thousands of Andrews and Mario’s who do not wish to follow a parent who converts to Islam. Let us fight against the unjust verdicts of the judiciary in Egypt. The list is too long!!!

We really have no time to waste in bickering. There is a lot to be done in various fields, and each one of us could use his expertise and capacity to its best in certain field that he could do best. Let us remember that we, being many, are one body in Christ, then all of us would be a great army and we could win any war.

We are wasting our energy in pointing fingers at this person or that website. We should remember that "When two quarrel, the third laughs," as the proverb goes, and God only knows how many strong enemies there are who want to impede anyone working on behalf of the oppressed Copts.

Finally, to give a modern day example of someone who lived all her life, humble, in poverty and away from the limelights, working diligently on a cause she believed in. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a leader and a servant at the same time, but look at the results that this tiny and holy lady achieved. If only we all have a fraction of her dedication!!!