Father Youta ….. Evil won!!!!!!

Father Youta ….. Evil won!!!!!!

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Dear father Youta;  For a long time I followed your writing with great interest. You are a candle lighting the darkness of our society. This morning I was shocked when I read about your decision of stop writing. In spite of my respect for your decision and understanding to your frustration, I decided to write these few sentences hoping that you may rethink your decision.

As a man of God you know better than any one that evil is there trying hard to stop anyone from fighting for a good cause. Your writing was troubling him and his followers. Evil started his fight against you using persons that you never thought would one day attack you personally, and this was the most hurtful thing for you.

I wonder how many honest people feel about your decision. Do you ever think about how many people would miss the great information written by you? Personally, I wish that Copts may have thousands of Father Youta’s. Now Copts lost the only one they have.

Father Youta, one day I wrote that some Copts are the worst enemy of Copts. Every day I was proven right, I am not important like you and I get attacked, maybe also from those that attack you. I am not a priest like you, but I am still moving forward without wasting my time to reply to their insinuations.

We have a great mission, we are here trying to gain our rights, we can not back off just because a traitor contests our work or attacks it.

A traitor is always a traitor, even if once he was a friend. I met a few of them, and only with the power of our Lord we will win our war.

I hope that the Holy Sprit in you may guide you and help you fight evil.

In spite that my site is more dedicated to English and Italian speakers, I am willing to post your articles in Arabic language.