Waqf refuses to comply with new security measures

Waqf refuses to comply with new security measures

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Waqf calls magnometers placed on Temple Mount after terror attack last week ‘violation of status quo.’

By Arutz Sheva Staff 

The Muslim Waqf, headed by the Mufti of Jerusalem, is refusing to cooperate with the new security procedures that police are seeking to institute on the Temple Mount following the murderous attack at the compound last Friday.

Waqf officials announced that they would not pass through the electronic entrance gates, (magnometers, instruments used to detect the presence of metallic objects) set up by police at two of the entrances used by Muslims to enter the Temple Mount site.

According to them, setting up the equipment and conditioning entry on a personal check constitutes a violation of the status quo on the Mount.

Nevertheless, police say that over 200 Muslims have entered the Temple Mount so far, following Israel’s agreement to renew Muslim prayer on the site from noon.

It will be noted that, in the days since the terror attack last week during which two Border Policemen were murdered, police have conducted extensive searches on the Temple Mount, where they have discovered much inciting material and items for use during riots.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan responded on Twitter to the accusations of the Waqf. “The opposition to the opening of the Mount did not stem from police demands that Waqf personnel be checked in the magnometers, but from the Waqf’s opposition to the existence of the magnometers. Waqf heads called on those coming to pray to refuse to pass through the magnometers. That is the reason for the delay in opening the Mount. Some people came to pray despite the Waqf’s calls. The Waqf wants to prevent people from passing through the gates where magnometers are stationed.”