Egypt: 23 killed in shooting attack

Egypt: 23 killed in shooting attack

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ISIS terrorists attack bus carrying Coptic Chirstians south of Cairo. At least 23 dead and 25 wounded.

By Orli Harari – Arutz Sheva

Egyptian news sources reported this afternoon that armed ISIS terrorists opened fire at a bus in which Coptic Christians were riding in Menyah, south of Cairo.

There are at least 26 killed and 25 wounded.

Egyptian military forces are searching the area, and the government has announced a higher security alert.

Earlier this month, more than 17 were killed in an explosion near the Coptic cathedral in Alexandria, Egypt.

The Copts are the oldest and largest Christian denomination in Egypt, comprising some 10% of the population. Copts have been subject to violent religious persecution by Islamic extremists. In just one province, 77 attacks against Copts were recorded between 2011 and 2016.