Attack on Saudi Arabia palace leaves two guards dead

Attack on Saudi Arabia palace leaves two guards dead

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US Embassy issues warning to American citizens in the area.

By Arutz Sheva Staf  – Arutz Sheva

Saudi Arabian security forces foiled a shooting attack near the Dar Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah, Rus Media reported.

Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet meets in the Dar Al-Salam Palace, where the monarch has his office.

Three people were injured in the attack, and two of the palace guards were killed.

Security forces eliminated the shooter, who was identified as Mansour al-Arami, a 28-year-old Saudi citizen.

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry confirmed the report, saying two guards were killed in an attack on the Jeddah palace.

The US Embassy in Saudi Arabia issued a warning to US citizens in the area.

“Due to the possibility of ongoing police activity, American citizens are advised to exercise caution when travelling through the area,” they warned.