Bomb warning causes emergency at Cairo airport

Bomb warning causes emergency at Cairo airport

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Paper note in Saudi plane warns a bomb would explode

Cairo Airport authorities announced early Thursday a short state of emergency after the pilot of a Saudi Arabian airliner reported a bomb warning on board his plane before landing.

A security official said the Saudi plane’s pilot told the control tower that one flight attendant discovered a paper note in a plane bathroom saying a bomb was going to explode.

The official said airport authorities declared a state of emergency and ordered the pilot to land on the runway reserved for emergency situations with fire fighters and ambulance vehicles deployed to the scene.

He said police conducted a thorough inspection of the plane and the luggage on board using sniffer dogs but found no explosives.

The official noted that the air craft, which came from the Saudi capital Riyadh carrying 219 passengers and 14 crew members, has returned empty to the Saudi capital.