Female Coptic Lawyer Assaulted for Third Time by Muslim Brotherhood Lawyers Episodes of a Mafia Saga!!!

Female Coptic Lawyer Assaulted for Third Time by Muslim Brotherhood Lawyers Episodes of a Mafia Saga!!!

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For the third time within a week, the female 25-year-old, Coptic lawyer Mervat Ragy has been assaulted by Muslim Brotherhood lawyers, in a bid to silence her for exposing the complicity between the police and the MB lawyers.

In view of the negligence of the police to the attacks on her, and refusing to take a decisive stand against this serious incident, she has sent appeals to the President, the Minister of Interior, Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, giving details of the recent attack on her at her home, and wondered for how long will she endure these series of religious persecution and the suffering she is experiencing everywhere, and until when will all officials ignore and disregard her problem?!

This third physical assault occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning, 28 January, at her family home in the village of Mentot, in Upper Egypt. Upon opening the door, she was surprised by the two lawyers attacking her. One of them hit her several times in the face, while the other was beating her with a stick. They fled before being caught.

One of the lawyers was, Omar Mohammad Omar, heads of the Commission on Islamic Sharia law, in Abu-Korkas, while the second was Emad Gamal, director of the Department of Criminal Court. She filed a complaint against them with the general counsel, and has been seen by Forensic Medicine, to determine the nature of her injuries and submit a medical report.

She pointed out that one of the attackers, Emad Gamal, was settling an old score with her for previously filing a complaint against him with the Attorney-General for committing several violations of collection of fees from her, using his position as director of the Department of Criminal Court.

It is worth noting that Ms. Ragy was assaulted twice on Thursday 22nd January, one attack in the morning, and the second in the evening, while she was on her way to complete the investigations of the morning assault.

She was intercepted behind the court building by two Muslim brotherhood lawyers who assaulted her, and tore her clothes off. She was left unconscious during which her personal ID was stolen, and was later transported to hospital.

Instead of being intimidated by the previous two attacks, young lawyer Mervet Ragy went public unveiling the facts of the attacks on her, and exposing the collusion between the police and the Muslim Brotherhood lawyers.

She pointed that a police officer threatened her in hospital and advised her of the futility of her attempts, in the presence of the collusion between the police station officer and certain senior officials supporting the accused, who would get Coptic witnesses to testify against her.

She commented that a member of prosecution has inserted statements she never gave, to fabricate her testimony to acquit the member of the Muslims Brotherhood.

Mervat also mentioned that the medical report disappeared from hospital after being written.

The President of the Bar Association has also been notified.