Two Muslim Brotherhood Lawyers Maliciously Assault a Coptic Female Lawyer and Tore her Clothes Off Before the Court in Upper Egypt!!!

Two Muslim Brotherhood Lawyers Maliciously Assault a Coptic Female Lawyer and Tore her Clothes Off Before the Court in Upper Egypt!!!

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Lawyer taken to hospital in a serious condition, attackers not arrested!!! Sister Accuses Police and Prosecutors of Complicity!

In an incident that goes beyond all limits, ethics and social morality,and with the complete silence on the part of the state security, two lawyers affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood assaulted the female Coptic lawyer Mervat Ragy, 25-year-old, and tore off her clothes, in front of Abu-Korkas court.

The victim was on her way to give testimony to the prosecution for the report she filed against lawyer Mustafa Abdel-Hakam Ismail, following his attempted attack on her in the morning that same day, at the door of the court. Mariam Ragy, the victim’s sister, and correspondent of Al-Badeel newspaper in AlMinia, expressed her sorrow over the harm which was inflicted upon her sister after the two Muslim lawyers have beaten her with sticks, tore off her clothes, and attempted to sexually abuse

her. She suffered heavy bruising and bleeding of the nose.

She portrayed the facts of the incident saying, that when her sister Mervat went to court on Thursday morning, she was surprised when Mustafa Abdel-Hakam Ismail threw sticks at her and demeaned her publicly, as a result she filed a report against him with the Prosecution. On Thursday night when she went to Court for the completion of the investigation into the incident, she was surprised to find both lawyers, Mustafa Abdel-Hakam Ismail, and Munir Hashim Hassan, waiting for her behind the court building, where they maliciously caused her grievous bodily harm. They have beaten her with sticks, tore her clothes off and tried to molest her, until she became unconscious and was taken to the Al-Fikrya Hospital, in Abu-Korkas.

Mariam Ragy criticized the complicity of the security authorities for not arresting the attackers, and the prosecutors for not taking any action against them.

She pointed a finger at Yasser Ghandour,director of the State Security Investigations in Mallawi and Abu-Korkas, specially that there was a precedent of intrusion on their house by some people and their attempts to demolish it, and the endeavors of some of the Muslim Brotherhood lawyers, to coerce them to leave their faith and publicly convert to Islam. She stated that the security authorities has complete knowledge, but took no positive action to stop this farce, which took place in front of the House of Justice and the Judiciary, on someone who defends the rights of the oppressed.

Mariam Ragy is appealing to the human rights organizations and the Bar Association to intervene to get her sister’s rights back, bring the perpetrators to task, and to investigate the reason behind the shortcomings of the security authorities .

She also calls upon the Attorney General to investigate the failure of the prosecution for not taking any action or issuing a warrant for the arrest of the perpetrators.

Mariam Ragy is a journalist and activist in Menya, who works as corespondent of Al-Badeel newspapers. She is known to be a thorn in the side of the security authorities by exposing their scandals. Her sister is also a lawyer activist, with a strong personality within the judiciary, prompting the jealousy and hatred of the fanatics, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood lawyers, as she is also a female.

"Copts United" gives its support to lawyer Mervat Ragy and her sister Mariam Ragy and calls upon the investigations authorities for prompt action to deter the perpetrators in the incident of assaulting a female and attempting to molest her, in order to achieve a State where law prevails. We also hope that there will be a tough stance from the Bar Association to support the victim and stand against the lawyers who have left the profession of law, and declared that they belong to the profession of thuggery This is a crime against the Association which always defends the rule of law.

Voice of the Copts condemns this barbaric attack by the two Muslim Brotherhood lawyers, and calls upon the human rights organizations in Egypt to support Lawyer Mervat Ragy in getting her full rights back from the perpetrators.



This artcilce was translated into English by Voice of the Copts.

Voice of the Copts received a Press Release today from the Egyptian Federation of Human Rights that it has presented a complaint regarding this incident to the Prosecutor General against:

– Mr.Yasser Ghandour,director of the State Security Investigations

– Lawyer Mustafa Abdel-Hakam Ismail

– Lawyer Munir Hashim Hassan