Egyptian authorities practice discrimination against the Copts

Egyptian authorities practice discrimination against the Copts

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Last Ramadan (the Muslim fasting month) the Egyptian police attacked assaulted and beaten up six Coptic Christian brothers who operate a cafe across the street from the criminal court in the city of Port Said.

The attack was unprovoked and motivated by religious zeal on the side of the Muslim members of the Police force, and was video-taped. 

All six brothers suffered injuries and their cafe was destroyed. 
The brothers were charged with resisting and assaulting the authorities and after 30-days in jail, were released on monetary bonds. Today, Thursday 1/22/09, all six brothers were sentenced to three years in jail with hard labor and were taken immediately after to start serving their sentences.

Last week during the trial, the video tape of the attack was shown in court by the defense attorney but, obviously, the judges belong to the same category of the prejudiced police. 
This is just another evidence that the Egyptian authorities, not just the barbaric mobs, practice discrimination against the Copts.