US State Department Report: Egypt Is a Transit Country for Human Trafficking

US State Department Report: Egypt Is a Transit Country for Human Trafficking

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Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Shawki, the head of the international association to counter cybercrime in Paris, said that, according to the US State Department report on child trafficking for 2008, Egypt is a transit country for Eastern Europe, Russia and Israel, where children are sexually exploited.

 According to the report, Egypt also exports children for such sexual trafficking, as more than a million street children are trafficked and forced to practice prostitution. In an exclusive interview to Al-Masry Al-Youm, he said: "The report says that some Egyptian cities are a source of sexual tourism, but it doesn’t mention which ones." He affirmed that children and women are exported from Egypt to be used in coercive and pornographic activities in several countries, including Kuwait and Qatar.

He pointed out that also according to a report from the Council of Europe about human trafficking, Egypt is a transit country. "The report talks about 24 cases of human trafficking in Europe between 2004 and 2007. They were 22 women and two men from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova who stayed in the UAE and Egypt.

"The victims received work offers through the Internet. One of them was a woman from Belarus. She submitted the necessary papers to work in Russia, but she then found out that she had become a victim of a human trafficking mafia. She was compelled to pay a large amount of money to be freed. This mafia sent her to Egypt and there she was forced to work as a prostitute."

According to Shawki, the Internet, such as chat rooms, is an effective means for human trafficking mafia to attract new victims.