Bedouin Attack Jews Near Town of Cochav HaShachar

Bedouin Attack Jews Near Town of Cochav HaShachar

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The ‘Honenu’ organization reports that Bedouins have attacked Jews near the Jewish community of Kochav HaShachar.

Wednesday morning, a group of Bedouin climbed up the Geon HaYarden hill near the town of Kochav HaShachar in eastern Binyamin

Local residents came down to confront them and prevent their coming closer to the community. During the confrontation, two of the Bedouin produced daggers and attempted to stab the Jewish residents.

One of the Binyamin Regional Council security personnel who arrived on the scene successfully arrested the attackers and handed them over to the police.

One of the residents attempted to file a complaint at the Binyamin Police station, but was arrested for ‘entering a closed military firing zone’. He was released after interrogation.