Hizbullah Openly Transporting Arms from Syria

Hizbullah Openly Transporting Arms from Syria

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Lebanaese MP Antoine Saad, an ally of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and an opponent of the current Hizbullah dominated government, said Tuesday that Hizbullah is publicly relocating its weapons from Syria to Lebanon due to the current crisis in Syria.

Saad told Al-Mustaqbal newspaper that "the overland transfer is taking place day and night and without any control," and that the weapons are being dispersed to Hizbullah strongholds in South Lebanon, Baalbeck, Hermel and the terrorist organization’s bastions in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

"These weapons are to be used against Israel in the future, so Hizbullah needs ammunition to be able to resist in a long term war," added Saad.

While the former March 14 Alliance led by Saad Hariri is opposed to Israel it considers Syria and Hizbullah to be the major threats to Lebanon. While in power the Alliance criticized Hizbullah for triggering a war with Israel that brought destruction to Lebanon without having consulted the democratically elected leadership.