Al Qaeda in Egypt: Hot Pursuit of 400 Terrorists in Sinai

Al Qaeda in Egypt: Hot Pursuit of 400 Terrorists in Sinai

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Egyptian security forces are still engaged in pursuit of over 400 Al-Qaeda terrorists in the northern Sinai desert, suspected of attacking security facilities in Rafah and El-Arish, say Egyptian newspapers Al-Aharam and Al-Yum Al-Saba.

They are also wanted for planning terrorist attacks in Egyptian territory.

Egyptian media also reports that Bedouin tribes clashed in El-Arish, each claiming the other has kidnapped tribe members.

Dozens of armed Bedouins have closed the Sinai Nueiba port, and are preventing transfer of passengers and cargo.

Local tribesmen threaten to block major highways protesting the lack of control of the security situation in the Sinai desert.

Since the ousting of Mubarak, there have been two terrorist- caused explosions at the Sinai gas works that supply 40% of Israel’s gas as well as being the main gas source forJordan, which were originally attributed to Bedouin.

In addition, Egypt has opened its Rafiah crossing border to Gaza, giving rise to concern that members of Al-Qaeda, already suspected of infiltrating Gaza, will find there way there, along with arms smuggled across the opened crossing, to form terrorist cells.

Al Qaeda took over the Yemenite town of Zinjibar this week. It is feared that targets in Egypt or the Sinai might be its next goal.