Jewish Cemetery Desecrated on Passover

Jewish Cemetery Desecrated on Passover

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A Jewish cemetery in Beyoglu, Turkey was desecrated during the Passover holiday, the European Jewish Press has reported. Vandals damaged eight tombstones.

Police are investigating the incident, which may have been caught on film.

Growing anti-Israel sentiment in Turkey has led to concern that anti-Semitism may grow as well. Turkey is home to an estimated 20,000 Jews, some of whom already feel the need to hide their religious observance.

Turkey’s Jewish leaders have joined their government in condemning Israel over the Mavi Marmara incident. However, despite public anti-Zionism, more than 100 Turkish Jews immigrated to Israel in 2010, and more have arrived in 2011, joining an estimated 100,000 Jews born in Turkey who now live in the Jewish state.

An incident similar to the Beyoglu attack took place in Greece, where vandals set fire to holy books in a synagogue on Passover. Police have since arrested two suspects in the incident.