Mubarak Banned from Fleeing Egypt, Assets Frozen

Mubarak Banned from Fleeing Egypt, Assets Frozen

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The new military regime in Egypt has banned deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from leaving the country and frozen his assets, according to military sources quoted by the Egyptian Ahram Online website.

His family faces criminal charges, and the military prevented his son from fleeing Egypt on a private jet. He was reported to have traveled with his mother to Britain after last month’s uprising, but reports of his flight now appear to be untrue.

Mubarak’s massive wealth, estimated to be valued at billions of dollars, is being investigated by authorities.

At the outset of the populist revolution against his regime, Mubarak, who is dying from cancer, vowed he would not leave the country. "I will die in Egypt," he said. Some opponents have called for Mubarak to be sentenced to death.

He is believed to be living in seclusion in the Sharm El-Sheikh resort on the Red Sea.