UNESCO head marks Holocaust Day in Paris

UNESCO head marks Holocaust Day in Paris

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Director-General Irina Bokova pledges "every UNESCO Director-General will visit this memorial" on International Holocaust Memorial Day.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova marks International Holocaust Commemoration Day by laying a wreath to Holocaust victims at the Paris Shoah Memorial on Wednesday.

At the memorial, accompanied by her Deputy Director-General Getachew Engida (Ethiopia, center), Assistant Director General Eric Falt (France, second from left) and her diplomatic adviser Dr. Graciela Samuels (Israel, right), Bokova pledged to set a principle that ‘every UNESCO Director-General visit this Shoah Memorial each 27 January.’
A native of Bulgaria, Bokova has often expressed pride at that country’s protection of its Jewish community from deportation.

The memorial’s President, Eric de Rothschild (second from right), stressed the role of the UNESCO operational partnership in the promotion of Holocaust education and research and, since 2009, its cooperation in the organization of the International Remembrance Day events. (Memorial Director Jacques Fredj is at left.)