Muslims Celebrate New Year with Car Bomb at Church in Alexandria, Egypt  

Muslims Celebrate New Year with Car Bomb at Church in Alexandria, Egypt  

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An explosion went off in front of the Coptic Christian church of Saints in Sedi Besher in Alexandria, Egypt. The explosion occurred sometime after the beginning of the New Year.

The explosion hit the Coptic church during their traditional prayer meeting in celebration of the New Year.
Information indicates that at least forty-five congregants are dead. There are several more injured along with others trapped inside the church.

Conflicted information is reaching our office which indicates that several dead bodies are on the sidewalk as well as inside the church.

The blast went off about ttwenty minutes after midnight. An eyewitness indicated that an explosion went off from a parked car outside the church.

It has been reported that at least forty-five persons are dead from an explosion taking place two minutes after drivers of a car fled after parking their car between two other cars in front of the church. The explosion took place causing the cars on either side of it to explode at the same time.

The Islamic effort to cleanse the Middle East from Christians has increased.

Four years ago in April, a Coptic man was killed next to the main entrance when an Arab Muslim stabbed him with a knife. The attack occurred on the last Friday of fasting before Easter. At that time and prior to any investigation the governor of Alexandria indicated that the attacker was mentally ill.  
As of right now, the Egyptian regime and its Islamic court have not issued any verdict in this matter.