Two States – Reality or Fantasy

Two States – Reality or Fantasy

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A conference at the Ariel University Center Thursday aims to bring together figures on opposite ends of the political spectrum in order to find common diplomatic ground

One of the organizers expressed hope in a discussion with Arutz Sheva that "new, practical thinking" would come forth at the event.

"We’re going to try to clarify all sorts of topics, like our delegitimization in the world, what international law says regarding Judea and Samaria, and media distortion," said Professor Avraham Tzion, head of the Media Law Center.

"We’ll try to clarify whether the ‘two states for two peoples’ plan can be implemented or not, and if we can negotiate with Fatah or if that would be ignoring reality, because Fatah is [just] a small segment of the Palestinian population," he continued.

Among those invited to the Thursday event are opposition head and former Foreign Minister MK Tzipi Livni, Geneva Initiative proponent Shaul Ariel, MK Danny Ayalon, and Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon. The audience will be able "to hear from them, and also to ask some tough questions," Tzion said of the politicians.

He expressed satisfaction with the fact that politicians had agreed to gather in Samaria, despite insistence on the far Left that Israel give the region to the Palestinian Authority. However, he said, it remains more difficult to arrange conferences in Ariel than in Tel Aviv, where events are often funded by foreign governments.