Rising Tensions Between Hizbullah, Egypt and Jordan

Rising Tensions Between Hizbullah, Egypt and Jordan

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Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah lashed out at Egypt and Jordan this week, accusing both countries of funding Sunni militias that are rivals to the Shiite Muslim group.

The charges were leveled in an interview with the Arabic daily Ash-Sharq il-Awsat which was published Friday.

Hizbullah is currently a part of the Lebanese parliamentary coalition.

Former MP Nasser Qandil, who is affiliated with Hizbullah, claimed that Egypt is leading a terrorist campaign against Lebanon on behalf of Israel. Egypt trains hundreds of young men in army camps, preparing them to fight Hizbullah, he said. Egypt denied the allegations.

Hizbullah also faced accusations from its opponents. Moderate Sunni parties in Lebanon have accused the militant Shiite group of attempting a coup. They also accused Shiite-dominated media outlets of inciting against them.

A senior member of Hizbullah was killed in early September in clashes between his group and the Sunni Muslim Ahbash militia. The two groups both support Syrian involvement in Lebanon, and were formerly considered allies.

At least two other people were killed as well as the two groups engaged in gun battles in the streets of Beirut. The fighting reportedly began with a dispute over a parking spot.