Suicide Bomber Murders Gov't Leader in Afghanistan

Suicide Bomber Murders Gov't Leader in Afghanistan

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Terrorism struck high in Afghanistan on Tuesday when a suicide bomber murdered the deputy governor of Ghazni province and five others. The Taliban, which U.S. military forces are trying to help defeat, has been increasingly active in Ghazni, southwest of Kabul, over the past several years.

Mohammad Kazim Allahyar, his son and two bodyguards died instantly when a motorcyclist wearing an explosives belt slammed into the back of his car near Ghazni city airport. Police chief Delawar Zahid told the Reuters news agency that Allahyar’s nephew and a third bodyguard later died of their wounds in a hospital.

Last September, the country’s deputy head of intelligence was murdered in a suicide bombing attack, along with 22 others in eastern Laghman province.

Despite the presence of nearly 150,000 foreign soldiers, terrorism is making a comeback in Afghanistan, and the Taliban is reasserting its grip over the country that it lost in 2001.

An announcement by the Afghan government this summer that geologists discovered a mammoth oil field in the north of the country may also have increased its attractiveness as a target for terrorism.