Arrests in Morocco Show Gaza is a Regional Terror Export Center

Arrests in Morocco Show Gaza is a Regional Terror Export Center

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Moroccan security forces have captured an 11-member terrorist cell headed by a Gaza-based Palestinian Authority Arab aligned with the aims of the international al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Yahya al-Hindi, a former member of the Islamic Jihad terror organization who is responsible for having built a global jihad network in Gaza that functions as a regional "exporter of terrorism" is also known as Abu Kathada al-Shami. His 11-man jihad team included Moroccans from Casablanca, Azilal (in the Atlas Mountains) and Oujda (in the eastern part of the country).

In 2006, al-Hindi’s group — named "The Unity of Allah and Jihad in the Land of Ribat" — took responsibility for multiple rocket attacks fired at Jewish communities in the western Negev. According to the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC), the land of the ribat – "frontier" in Arabic – is the term for the outskirts of Muslim territory where battles are fought with the infidels to defend Islamic lands. The term is used to refer to "Palestine" which is considered "occupied" (by Israel).

Arabic media reported that al-Hindi traveled the following year to Afghanistan for training with al-Qaeda terrorist operatives and others at Taliban camps who taught him how to prepare explosive devices and a variety of military techniques. He spent the next three years staying in touch with the group via jihadist internet web sites.

This past May, al-Hindi traveled to Morocco hunting for a site in which he could organize and train his terrorist network – but entered the country under the pretext of preparing to marry a young Moroccan woman. Officials had previously denied him entry four times before, but he was allowed to pass through for marriage.

Barely a month later, however, Moroccan security forces realized al-Hindi’s terrorist cell was operating in the country, and moved quickly to capture the group.