Congresswoman Fears Hizbullah ‘Israel-Like Bombings’ in US

Congresswoman Fears Hizbullah ‘Israel-Like Bombings’ in US

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A Republican Congresswoman has warned that Hizbullah terrorists, hooked up with Mexican drug cartels, may be planning ”Israel-like bombings” against customs officials or National Guard units on the U.S. border.

North Carolina legislator Sue Myrick wrote Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, urging a task force "to engage U.S. and Mexican law enforcement and border patrol officials about Hizbullah’s presence, activities, and connections to gangs and drug cartels."

Echoing previous reports of Hizbullah’s activity in the profitable drug trade, Myrick wrote, "The connection between Hizbullah and the drug cartels has seemed to grow over the past few years. This may be especially true on the U.S. southern border.

"Across states in the Southwest, well trained officials are beginning to notice the tattoos of gang members in prisons are being written in Farsi. We have typically seen tattoos in Arabic, but Farsi implies a Persian influence that can likely be traced back to Iran and its proxy army, Hizbullah. These tattoos in Farsi are almost always seen in combination with gang or drug cartel tattoos."

Myrick also warned that the United States may face terror tunnels, similar to those Hizbullah used in the Second Lebanon War against Israel in 2006. Noting that the terrain along the American-Mexican border is similar to Israel’s, she wrote, "Hizbullah is extremely skilled in the construction of tunnels. Israel has time and again found Hizbullah tunnels leading into Israel, some of which are large enough to accommodate trucks. Likewise, …intelligence officials say that the drug cartels, in an effort to dig larger and more effective tunnels, are employing the expertise of Hizbullah.

Federal government documents have shown that that the United States apprehended two Syrians and 17 Iranians over a 12-month period ending this past April. Also nabbed at the border were dozens of others from other Muslim countries, including Sudan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Texas border agents have discovered illegal immigrants with an Arabic clothing patch that reads "martyr" according to the current National Review.