Gaza Front Heating Up

Gaza Front Heating Up

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Hamas provocations and attacks lead to several strong Israeli responses.

Israel Air Force (IAF) planes totally destroyed what was left of the Gaza airport in Dahaniye late Friday night. The PA’s Wafa news agency reported that nine rockets were fired at the target, destroying what was left of the buildings and alarming local residents.

The IDF Spokesman announced that the attack destroyed a tunnel leading from Egypt and ending in the former airport, which was designed to allow passage of terrorists headed for an attack on Israelis. The airport has been used in the past as well for tunnel exits.

The Air Force also bombed a metal-works shop in the northern Gaza neighborhood of Al-Zeitun, destroying it completely. The target was used to manufacture Kassam rockets, mortar shells and the like.

The attack came in response to two Hamas provocations: an attempted terror attack on Thursday night in northern Gaza, and the firing of a Kassam rocket at Israel.

The IAF targeted and destroyed another tunnel in southern Gaza late Saturday night, in response to yet another Kassam rocket on Friday night. "The IDF will not tolerate," the IDF stated afterwards, "any attempt to attack Israeli citizens of soldiers, and will continue to act with determination and strength against any element that activates terrorism against the State of Israel."

"The IDF views the Hamas terror organization as the body that is exclusively responsible for that which goes on in Gaza and for maintaining the quiet there."

Just four days ago, the IDF bombed another two terrorist tunnels in northern Gaza.