Terror strikes Lahore, hostage situation in mosques

Terror strikes Lahore, hostage situation in mosques

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Over a 1000 people are believed to have been rescued so far. Atleast 30 people are feared dead. The death toll could rise.

The Pak Taliban (Tehrik-e-Taliban) have claimed responsibility for the attack. One of the terrorists have been caught, even as indiscriminate firing continue. Some of the dead and injured hostages have been taken out.

15:00 hrs: Twin explosions followed by indiscriminate firing and grenade lobbing have been reported from the Model Town area in Lahore. Also, three other explosions were heard in the Garhi Shahu area of Lahore.

Two mosques, belonging to the minority Islamic sect- the Ahmedia community, with nearly 2000 people in for the Friday prayers, have been stormed by the terrorists, with inmates being held hostage.

This attack could be a result of the continuing air offensive against the Taliban. On May 23, PAK strikes had killed 71 Taliban militants, including four commanders, with several of their hideouts being grounded.