Manhunt Following Reported Terrorist Attempt

Manhunt Following Reported Terrorist Attempt

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Police began a major manhunt in the Tel Aviv region Wednesday following reports of an attempted terrorist attack.

Passengers on a number 5 bus travelling down Dizengoff Street reported that a man on the bus yelled "Itbach al-Yahud," Arabic for "Slaughter the Jews." He also shouted in Arabic "Allah is great" and "I am going to kill Jews."

The frightened passengers raced off the bus. Some said a woman dressed in Muslim garb attempted to prevent them from leaving.

The two alleged perpetrators fled the scene.

Forces are currently searching for the two, with the help of helicopters and search dogs. Officers closed a large part of Dizengoff and began searching buildings.

Police remain unsure whether the two actually intended a terrorist attack, or whether they planned simply to cause panic.