British Student Gang Attacks Deputy Ambassador

British Student Gang Attacks Deputy Ambassador

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Talia Lador-Fresher, Israel's Deputy Ambassador in Britain, was attacked Wednesday night by an angry mob of students following a speech at the University of Manchester. Many of the students who attacked Lador had apparently not listened to her speech, but rather had remained outside the hall waiting for her to exit.

Lador’s speech, on Middle East politics, had previously been delayed for two months due to security concerns. She spoke Wednesday after university officials guaranteed her safety.

As Lador made her way out of the hall, her security staff noticed that a gang of pro-Arab students, decked out in PLO flags, was waiting near her car. Police decided to bring the deputy ambassador out through a side exit, and to drive her off campus in a police vehicle.

However, the mob realized that Lador was in the police car and charged the vehicle, banging on the windows. Two people climbed onto the hood of the car in an apparent attempt to shatter the glass.

Despite the angry crowd, police succeeded in bringing Lador off campus unharmed.

Israel’s Ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, praised Lador for her "fighting spirit." He called on the University of Manchester administration to censure the attackers.