Muslim Family Usurps Coptic Graves

Muslim Family Usurps Coptic Graves

By | 2009-03-31T18:12:00-04:00 March 31st, 2009|News|0 Comments

2000 Coptic families to protest on Monday against the demolition of the Coptic cemeteries in the Didany region, Maghagha, Minya province.

The local People’s Council and the City Council of Maghagha demolished part of the Coptic cemetery, destroying 500 graves, however when they were intercepted by the Copts, they apologized, claiming they did not know the grounds to be Coptic Cemeteries!!!!!

Following that incident, a Muslim family seized the burial ground of the demolished graves, an area of 2 acres out of a total of 10 acres of the whole cemetery.

While negotiations are under way between officials in the Minya province, a number of State Security leaders and the coptic inhabitants to contain the situation, 2000 Coptic families are to protest at the cemetery on Monday morning at 10 am, demanding the protection from assault on their cemeteries and the bodies of their dead.

There is widespread concern of potential secular violence between the Coptic families and the Muslim family who usurped the graves’ ground.