Muslim Attacks Church and Sexually Molests a Coptic Girl

Muslim Attacks Church and Sexually Molests a Coptic Girl

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In another series of the recurring incidents of churches being attacked by mentally deranged Muslims, and for the second time within 12 weeks, the same Muslim impinged on the church of St. George in Mansheyet Eltahrir, Ain Shams.

On Wednesday 25th March, 35-year-old Muslim Tolba Aly Tolba assaulted a church worker and tried to molest a young Coptic girl in church.

However, the girl was rescued by the Churchgoers and the assailant was handed over to police.

He is presently under investigation by the prosecutors who ordered his detention for four days pending investigation. He is charged with the misdemeanor of impinging on houses of worship.

The same offender Tolba carried out last December a previous attack on the same church, threatened and tried to assault a security guard at the Church with a knife he had in his possession, and broke into the church by force. He was transferred to Ain Shams police station, where he said in the investigations that he was suffering from a psychological disorder and was mentally not sound. Consequently the Church’s lawyer George Farid Nicola waived the Church’s report against the offender, leaving the matter with the prosecution to take the necessary action against him regarding his mental state.

Lawyer Nicola, said: "the church congregation expressed their discontent at the repetition of such acts from that person, who had stormed the church previously with a weapon, but was released after 15 days in custody, to come back and repeat the same actions again on Wednesday; he was also the same person, who three days ago destroyed three cars parked in front of the church belonging to Copts without any action being taken against him".

Nicola said that there are security personnel outside the church, but the assailant entered the church quickly, without being seen and tried to abuse one of the girls, which is why the church congregation are discontented for no deterrent action been taken against this person, who is described by some as psychological deranged, indicating that should this person be mentally ill, why is he not placed in a hospital for treatment, for the protection of humans from his criminal actions? Why is this person always aiming at St. Georges Church in Mansheyet Eltahrir?!

Nicola demanded an end to such rhetoric, which threatens the safety and lives of churchgoers and causes them undue panic and fear, stressing the need to take a decisive stand against such a person, either by being put in prison or by being placed in a psychiatric hospital if it actually proven that he is really suffering from Psychosis!