Hebrew U Mosque Feared as Incitement Center

Hebrew U Mosque Feared as Incitement Center

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Muslim students of the Mt. Scopus campus of Hebrew University of Jerusalem have begun a campaign for an on-campus mosque – which Jewish students fear will become a headquarters for incitement against Israel.

Yoni Yaakobovitch, head of the Im Tirtzu (If You Will It) Zionist campus organization, says, "There is no problem with Muslims having a prayer room; we recognize their need to pray. Our problem is that a mosque is liable to turn into a place in which they will convene to incite against the State of Israel, as they do elsewhere."

Muslim groups on campus already incite against Israel, Yaakobovitch told Arutz-7’s Hebrew newsmagazine: "Some of these groups are not recognized; they are not part of the Student Union, and they incite constantly.. They decided not to run for elections in the Student Union, and they function like a shadow government."

As an example, Yaakobovitch cited what happened on the annual Arab "Day of Rage" last week: "They protested at the entrance to the university and called upon a million Jihad fighters to come to Jerusalem. They did this openly, at the university entrance! And let’s not forget that their studies are funded by the State of Israel – yet this does not stop them from protesting with PLO flags and chanting, ‘With blood and fire we will redeem Palestine!’ and then returning to their classes as if nothing happened.

"We don’t want a mosque to become yet another center of incitement and hatred," Yaakobovitch concluded.