The first lawsuit of its kind!!! Christian Mother Sues for invalidity of minor daughter's “Islamization”

The first lawsuit of its kind!!! Christian Mother Sues for invalidity of minor daughter's “Islamization”

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After the girl "F.M" (presently 19 years old) disappeared in March 2007, from her family home in Ismailia, her family searched long before finding out that a Muslim neighbor, convince her to marry him, and converted her to Islam, with the assistance of the local" police"

The girl’s mother "N.M." had to resort to the judiciary after all other means failed to bring her daughter back. She filed a lawsuit, the first of its kind, before the of Administrative Judiciary Court of the State Council, protesting the invalidity of her daughter’s conversion into Islam, due to being a minor.

the mother N.M., filed Case No. 20129/63, against both the Minister of Interior Habib Al-Adly and her son-in-law "A.I."

According to the mother, the daughter’s husband forced her to convert to Islam and changed her name, which is forgery of official documents, since the law states that the child can only be attributed to its natural parents.

Over the past two years, the mother tried to get back her daughter without any success. She commented "religious belief is one of the personal freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, however, it is restricted by reaching the age of capacity, and consent," which does not apply to her minor daughter’s case, whom she considers to be still in her custody, in spite of the daughter’s refusal.

The mother added that her daughter’s husband took advantage of her daughter’s young age (17 years at the time) to make her abandon her religion and her family, which is contrary to Islamic teachings.

She, therefore, calls upon the Minister of the Interior not to accept the change of name and religious affiliation in her daughter’s personal data, and to return them back to their original state, in which she was born.