Lethal fight in Minya angers Copts

Lethal fight in Minya angers Copts

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A Copt died and three others were injured in a fight in the village of Deir Mawas in Minya Governorate yesterday.

Coptic residents of the village crowded in front of the public hospital where the victim was being treated. They gathered outside the police cordon and seemed to be growing hostile, at times appearing as though they would throw stones at the police if they were not allowed to enter the hospital. Rev. Michel Gaber of the local church stepped in to diffuse tensions.

The crowd grew angrier when they heard that Hanna Rezq died from his injuries. They were soon joined by more Copts in what seemed to be a civil disobedience act against discrimination.

Minya has frequently been a site of conflict between Christians and Muslims.

"A bus driver was fighting with my brother. Suddenly he stabbed him with a knife and ran away," said Maher Hanna.