Malaysian villagers amazed by “Allah meat”

Malaysian villagers amazed by “Allah meat”

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A family of Malaysian villagers became the talk of the town after they found the word Allah, meaning God in Arabic, inscribed on meat bought from the local market, the country's press reported on Tuesday.

Housewife Rashadah Abdul Rani, 57, said her son bought the meat from a market in the village and it was her daughter who discovered the inscription.

"I cut the meat into six pieces and soaked them in the water. It was my daughter, who was helping me in the kitchen, who saw the word "Allah" on all six pieces of the meat," Rani told reporters at her house in Kampung Alur Gunung.

Rani said the discovery had changed her plans of cooking the meat for feast and said she would now dry the meat and keep it to use for medicinal purposes.

In 2008, a similar story was reported from northern Nigeria where a restaurant served a piece of meat inscribed with Allah. The customer who discovered the meat said he was about to eat it when he suddenly noticed the words.

Also a similar incident was reported in 2006 when hundreds of Muslims flocked to a pet shop in Liverpool, England to see two gold fish hailed a "miracle" as one’s scales spelled Allah and the other Muhammad, Islam’s prophet.

The internet is also rife with videos of animals thought to be growling Allah’s name.

For Muslims such occurrences only further signal the greatness of their Lord as Islam teaches that everything in the world from the sun and moon to everything with a soul is commanded by God.