Gaza Heats Up: Rockets Fired, Shots at Sea

Gaza Heats Up: Rockets Fired, Shots at Sea

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The “Color Red” rocket warning system sounded in Sderot and surrounding communities on Monday night for the second night in a row as Gaza terrorists resumed their attacks.

Terrorists in northern Gaza fired two projectiles at communities in southern Israel.

It was not immediately clear if the weapons used in the attack were rockets or mortar shells. No injuries or damage have been reported.

Gaza terrorists have stepped up their attacks on Israeli civilians living near Gaza over the past several days. In addition, terrorists have targeted soldiers patrolling near the Gaza security barrier, and civilian workers in the area.

The increasingly frequent attacks follow months of relative quiet after the Cast Lead counterterror offensive in Gaza in December and January.

On Monday afternoon, an Israeli navy ship fired on a Gaza boat after it failed to heed repeated calls to stop. The shots caused a fire aboard the small ship.

Sailors and Gaza fishermen worked together to extinguish the blaze. Gaza Arabs reported that one man was injured in the attack.

Gaza residents said that the boat in question was a fishing vessel, and those on board were civilians. Israeli naval officers expressed skepticism, pointing out that similar "fishing boats" had been used in previous attacks, and that the blaze aboard the boat proved that it had been carrying some sort of highly flammable material.