Muslims kidnap eight Christians

Muslims kidnap eight Christians

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Peshawar: Taliban of Pakistan have kidnapped 8 Christians in South Waziristan according to reports released by political agent of Waziristan Agency. The Christian were traveling in a truck from North Waziristan to South Waziristan when Taliban stopped them few miles away from Razmak, where they were living from decades.

The Christian, Hindus and Sikhs have left tribal area when Taliban imposed protection tax on minorities in January 2009.The Sikhs and Christians were allowed to stay in tribal area after paying ’Jizia" but majority left Taliban controlled FATA and migrated to other parts of Pakistan. The Sikhs and Hindus decided to go to India which brought Protection Tax issue in media.

The recent abduction of 8 Christians have created wave of fear among their relatives living in Punjab and NWFP. There was abduction of 7 Christian from a Church in vicinity of Peshawar University but they were released by Taliban Commander Mangal Shah with a deal from government after twodays.

The recent kidnapping of 8 Christians by Taliban is not confirmed by Taliban leaders nor any news about their safety. It is feared that Taliban will torture them if any ransom demand or other is not fulfilled. The political agent in agency is silent on issue or fate of kidnapped Christians by Taliban.

According to Press Trust of India, the time and date of incident is not confirmed up till news story released to media.