Ashraf Edward’s remarks

Ashraf Edward’s remarks

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


The beginning I would like to extend my thanks to all Architect Dr / Ashraf Ramelah Chairman of the voice Copts in America and Italy for his kind invitation to attend this press conference today that factors not pursued by the bureaucracy and the intransigence of the U.S. embassy receptionist at the Embassy could not be the privilege of presence among you today
In any case that I could not be present today ; but I trust that my presence in this paper that are read to you is a the greatest response we can communicate in any way.

I also extend my thanks to all the Dr. Architect / Ashraf Ramelah on its full cooperation in this issue.

As I also extend my thanks to all, Dr. Grégor Puppinck effort on the hard work in preparing the memorandum which was submitted to the High Commissioner to the United Nations

And last but not least to Muhammad Hegazy, who suffered and are suffering is removed so far from the system does not want to give him the right to choose, do not give him the right to live, do not give him the right to work, does not give him the right to all his personal rights just by being converted from Islam to Christianity, from Here, I salute all pay tribute to all the confronted problems and difficulties from the moment of its announcement of his conversion and even Alan.

From this rostrum, announced that the Day of 22/1/2010 started its first legal battles the field of human rights and legal presentation on the global international community.

It was the last period and remnants of the effort and hard work to reach the day to view the issue before the international community may have contained a lot of obstacles that we can all overcome them and reach our goal.

Day here can be declared strongly that we move the first international on issues converts from Islam to Christianity has disease, and disease strongly all this was and still is the assistance of Dr. Architect/ Ashraf Chairman of the voice of Copts adopted the case of Mohammed Hegazy a convert from Islam to Christianity, which did not hesitate moment in the International Legal Assistance contact for, Dr. Grégor Puppinck who accepted the office immediately to adopt this issue and presented to the international community as illegal, after the fate of Mohammad Hegazy, it is impossible to legal access to all the legal and human rights to be greeted by the nature of life and dignified and his family and integrated in the Egyptian society as an active member in it.

Today I can say that the case of Mohamed Hegazy, which was to take its first steps before the United Nations will be the first step to the issues of converts from Islam to Christianity in Egypt in particular and the Arab society in general.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The second article of the Egyptian Constitution, which stipulates Islam the state religion and Arabic the official language, and the principles of Islamic Sharia the main source of legislation

Is the cause of all this scourge, which is suffering all minorities within Egyptian society, all the freedoms proclaimed by the international conventions and treaties violate this rule from which all freedoms set forth violate the International Covenant of Human Rights.

The Egyptian regime and the government do not work on these freedoms, but imposes restrictions on the Egyptian society, and assisted by the People’s Assembly and Shura Council hunters who are not practiced any positive role to get out of this impasse by issuing laws that give freedom to the minorities that their rights are violated every day without any positive move by the System.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

That the transformation of Christianity or any other faith to Islam accepts all welcome and fresh roses and his personal papers be changed in less than 24 hours, while the contrary can not be in any case and even if it is through the issues and the courts which affects its consideration of such issues to be change “impossible”

The Egyptian regime has always maintained equality and phantom who wants to deceive by all, there is no equality in their minds not only equality proclaimed by the system and its government exist only on paper, where the equality proclaimed by the Egyptian constitution and advocated by the international charters and conventions where she is from the application Actual in Egypt??

This positive movement and of which we can all say I will not wait for the moment and I will travel to the whole world if it forced me to to bring cases of converts from Islam to Christianity will not stop at this point, but I will urge the international community to consider human rights issues and violations in Egypt to prevent them fully and completely finished work on the Egyptian society to live in all walks of life to the heart of one man

And explicitly declared that the Copts including converts to Christianity had set off from the starting line will not stop at the finish line to reach the dignity and freedom.

We only want dignity and freedom

Dignity and freedom ……………. Dignity and freedom


Ashraf  Edward